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Hop Over Colors      (completed manuscript)

Deep in the woods, hidden by the surface of the pond, a green frog waits.   The sounds of the night startle the frog from safety.  But when he leaps a magical transformation happens.  This story takes the reader on a fanciful journey around a woodland pond and back home again. 


Please, Don’t Name Your New Pet Molly        (completed manuscript)

Molly is tired of people who name their pets “Molly”.  She is on a mission to convince new pet owners to take her advice.  It doesn’t matter whether the pet lives in a jar or runs on a wheel, or has a shell, or sleeps in a stall; any name is ok except...this one.  As the pages turn, Molly keeps the reader guessing which pet will show up next and repeatedly reminds us of the one name you must never, ever choose.


How Do You Grow a Scientist?     (completed manuscript)

Even on her first day in the world, Amanda is becoming a scientist. She is an observer, a problem solver, and an explorer. Children will be engaged by the familiarity of Amanda’s experiences as she hones her scientific skills.  Her story shows the young reader that becoming a scientist is possible.  Caregivers will learn about the importance of play in the development of independent thinkers and learners.


Missing Match     (completed manuscript)

Six brothers lose six socks.  That’s when the trouble starts.  The race is on to discover where lost socks go before Mama knows they’re gone!  Join the parade of brothers and teachers, shoppers and pets as it winds through the town to solve the mystery of everyone’s lost socks.